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Christmas cards!!

This may be the year I get my cards done before Thanksgiving!!  Always a first time for everything!  This past weekend I was playing with creating a card.  I used a few different sites.

First I designed at FOREVER Since most everything is on sale this month I started there! There will be no crazy black Friday sales, so you have time to make memories with your family! Create meaningful gifts all month and just make sure you order by the end of November using code NOV2016 to get all the discounts!


I used Forever projects to create a card. Right now the only option to create on-line is a 5X7 size. When you go onto the site, you do need to create a FREE account to get started.  You  create an album of the photos you want to use on your card and then you are ready to create!  There are some options to change the layout and background of your cards.  You get to design the front and back of the card!  It was fun and easy to do. With the discount, this is a great deal!

But I enjoy having total flexibility, so I ended up creating most of my cards on Artisan ! The software that I love and would recommend to anyone! Very easy to use! I have been an ambassador for this software from the time it was released.


In the next few days I will share some specials (and my experience) from some other companies!

Celebrating Memories!!

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