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Strawberry Picking & a favorite kitchen tool!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is fresh strawberries!   A friend told us about this local farm that has  pick your own strawberries.

It was a cool drizzly morning, different then what I had envisioned, but fun non-the less! The patch was beautiful, and it only took my son & I about ½ hour to pick 3 gal of berries!

Strawberry page


Here are a few of my favorite recipies!

Strawberry Shortcake recipe

strawberry Lemonaid
My new favorite kitchen tool!!

I was introduced to this awesome kitchen tool by my cousin! I used it to slice my strawberries for shortcake. And I use mine almost every day for chopping veggies, onions, fruit. I love how fast and easy it is to use and that the veggies are all the same size and look great in a dish! It’s great to chop onions and peppers ahead and put them in the freezer so they are easy to pull out and use in cooking.

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